Thursday, November 21, 2013

Safaris Stories- The Butterfly Collector and the Bus!

We had an apprentice guide working for us in Hwange who was particularly keen on butterflies and was forever chasing them around with his outer sized butterfly net, steadily adding to his already impressive collection. To his immense frustration he was on transfer duty, driving the shuttle bus back and forth from the airport which was a great inconvenience to him since it cut into his butterfly catching time. One day we received a radio call that he had had an accident on his way back to camp so we raced off and found him sitting dejectedly on the side of the road with our new bus stuck in the ditch. The damage was not too serious but when we quizzed him about how it happened he sheepishly admitted that it had been his fault. It seems that on the way out to the airport, driving through a deep puddle, he had noticed a congregation on Pearl Charaxis- a beautiful but fast flying butterfly that had so far eluded him. Dropping his guests, he had hatched a plan, to hang out the window of the bus with his butterfly net in hand and drive at high speed through the puddle and thus catch the prized butterfly but in the process, had lost control and ended up in the ditch. After a good ear bashing from the manager we got the bus out of the ditch and set off for camp, I asked him why he was looking so glum since it looked like he was going to get to keep his job, turns out he was just upset because he still had not managed to catch that butterfly!

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