Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last Safari Namibia to Mozambique

I have just got back last week from a trip on a cruise ship beginning in Walvis Bay in Namibia which traced around the southern tip of the continent to Maputo in Mozambique. Along the way we stopped off at Luderitz, Cape Town Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth and Richards Bay. 14 day in total and mostly fine weather all the way, we even managed to get up the cable car to Table Mountain, something I have failed to do on two previous visits. It was an interesting trip for me because you are always mindful that you are traveling in the footsteps of those early explorers Bartholemu Diaz and Vasco da Gama and when at sea you can only marvel at the courage of those individuals who set off into the ocean equipped with only rudimentary navigational equipment in vessels that were just 28 meters long! Brave men indeed. Vasco Da Gama set out for India in 1497 with 170 men in 4 ships and returned 2 years late with two ships and half the number of men but that was a journey that would change the world. In almost every port where we stopped you would be shown a cross erected by these early visitors to mark their passing, a telling reminder of how international trade has been and continues to be the driving force behind the making of so much history.

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  1. Jaa gammon...that was me from Kampala...jaa...catch up soon mista man!